YOUNG DAIS “All I could say is” Music Video 公開!


Posted on 2021-09-30 20:00:53

YOUNG DAIS 3rd Album “Forgotten Folder” より「All I could say is」のMusic Videoを公開!



YOUNG DAIS – All I could say is


Director: Naoto Abe

Assistant Director: Masatsugu Konno

Lighting: Wataru Sugai

Title text: 田中象雨

Special thanks: Keboz, Eight Gents, Warazgraf


YOUNG DAIS 3rd Album : Forgotten Folder



1. Congratulatory adress (Track by LIL’J)

2. 俺らの8月 feat. LEF-T (Track by JUN THA FINEST)

3. 一瞬 feat. Jazadocument, UTH (Track by Phantom Beats)

4. 握手 feat. 0rigyn (Track by MisterBee)

5. 嗚呼 (Track by LIL’J)

6. Light of the heart (Track by JUN THA FINEST)

7. 俺にしかできないJOB feat. DJ AKAKABE (Track by JUN THA FINEST)

8. W.I.T feat. Ry-lax, Jason Vasara (Track by MisterBee)

9. キミノミカタ feat. RAM HEAD (Track by AKIO BEATS)

10. Tell-tale signs (Track by Moito)

11. All I could say is (Track by JUN THA FINEST)